Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco
The piazza San Marco is in Venice the most visited square.
Each Venice-traveller looks for this world-famous place that so many architectural masterpieces have.One can bewitch also from the charm of the piazza with its famous constructions from different epochs.

At the east of the piazza, rises the magnificent facade of the Basilica di San Marco.
The Palazzo Ducale is placed at the south of the piazza. On the other side, lies the Piazzetta dei Leoni, a small place that is dominated by the Torre dell'Orologio. The Procuratie Vecchie are at the northern side.

On the opposite side gets along the Procuratie Nuove. There is accommodated, today, the Museo Civico Correr. On three sides around the place, under the arcades, there are stylish stores and expensive historic cafes. The Campanile (Bell Tower), Venice’s knowing nest landmark, faces exactly the basilica.

For a beautiful pause, there are many cafes from the place round.
In the Florian, in the Lavena or in which Quadri can you your silence enjoys, a coffee drinks or a delightful piece of pie eats.




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