Anne Frank's House

Anne Frank's House
More VT tips are written about Anne Frank's House than any other attraction in Amsterdam, and with good reason. It's an extraordinary monument, not just to Anne, but to the millions of people who suffered under the Nazi regime.

Upon entering the museum, you pass through an interesting exhibition about Anne and the others who were in hiding with her, before reaching the rooms in which they lived for several years. Anne's own room still has the pictures of film stars that she pasted to the walls. The museum is so busy and bustling that it is difficult to experience the same silence that they must have had to bear day after day - I imagine that if you were there on a quiet day it would be quite eerie.

It's an extremely moving place to visit, compounded by the additional exhibition at the end of the museum that reminds us that even today people all over the world are experiencing the same prejudices and victimisation as Anne and her family did more than 60 years ago.

A tip - if you are visiting in the summer, go to the house in the early evening. It is open until 8pm, and the queues don't snake around the block as they do during the day.




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