The Reichstag or Parliamentary Building is one of the most symbolic buildings in Berlin. It was opened in 1894 and housed the parliament until 1933 when it was destroyed by a fire started by the Nazis. It was then further damaged during World War II.

From 1994–99 the Reichstag was reconstructed and extended by the architect Norman Forster. Since then it is again the seat of the German Bundestag or federal government and, with its stunning new dome, it is one of the city's biggest tourist attractions.

The beautiful dome or cupola is so worth a visit. A ramp winds its way up to the top, where you can enjoy fabulous views over the city, whilst exclaiming over the beauty of this open-aired structure. The mirror-clad funnel in the middle of the dome is great for taking quirky photos!

Be prepared for a queue to enter the building. We arrived at 10am and had to queue for an hour - outside, inside, security checks, elevator - before we made it to the dome.

Don't forget to photograph the huge German flag that flies proudly at the front of the building. It was first flown at the official celebrations of German reunifications in 1990.

The dome is open daily from 8am - 10pm and admission is free.




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