Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey
For almost one thousand years, Westminister Abbey has been the setting for much of London's ceremonies such as Royal Weddings, Coronations, and Funeral Services.

I personally think that it is one of the grandest pieces of architecture in the capital. It's an awesome and vast place that gleams white and pink outside but seems darker inside.

In addition, the Abbey is the parish church of the Royal Family, when in residence at Buckingham Palace. Thus, it is a Royal Peculiar (not under control of the Archbishop of Canterbury but under direct control of the Queen).
It is symbolically the entire nation's church and almost museum-like, considering the large amount of history associated with it.

I especially enjoyed seeing Poet's Corner located in the south transept because it commemorates famous authors such as Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer (also buried here), Shelley, Dickens, & Keats as well as many others.

The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior of WWI resides here, a very poignant tomb despite its "ordinary" look.

I remember seeing Elizabeth II's Coronation at Westminister Abbey via TV in 1953. As an adolescent, I was mystified by the grandeur. At that time, I gushed about its beauty; when I saw it 40 years later, I felt the same.

Allow several hours & include seeing St. Margaret's Church & Jewel Tower.

If you love architecture as I do, then make sure you don't miss a visit to the Abbey.

Warning: no photographs inside!

Free admittance

Open: 9:00 am-3:45 pm, Mon-Friday

  • Phone: 0 20 7654 4900
  • Directions: St James's Park tube




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