Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square
"England expects that every man will do his duty"

Commemorating Nelson's great naval victory in 1805 over the combined Napoleonic fleets of France and Spain off the Spanish coast near Tarifa, close to Gibraltar.

The outcome of this battle was supremacy of the British navy on the high seas for the next hundred years and the end of the threat of invasion from Napoleon, leading him to change his strategies and ultimately leading to his downfall...

The battle also cost Britain her great hero of her time as Nelson was struck down by a musket ball, so a grateful nation named this London square after the battle and erected Nelson's Column in his honour...

Trafalgar square is one of London's great squares, with its great column flanked by four fabulous Lions and two attractive fountains.

It is a fantastic place to meet, being bounded by the National Gallery, St Martins, the South African and Canadian Embassies, the Admiralty Arch leading to Buckingham Place and Whitehall leading to Downing St and Westminster.

Only last year the pedestrianisation of the north side of the square was completed, turning it into an oasis free of traffic with the new steps sweeping down from the National Gallery. Part of this new development was the installation of a Costa Coffee Cafe and free public toilets.

The sheer size and grandeur of the square makes it a perfect venue for the many free entertainment events and demonstrations held here, it is also the location for quite a rowdy New Year's Eve celebration.

During Christmas the Norwegians donate a huge Christmas tree to the UK for our actions in liberating Norway from the Germans in WWII and it is erected in the square.

It is a beautiful square, probably the best in London and definitely worth a visit - in fact you will probably find yourself passing through here several times anyway if you're here for any length of time...

  • Directions: Charing Cross or Leicester Square tubes, MAP




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