Universal Studios, Hollywood

Universal Studios
You know the dance with this place - theme park / studio tour.

Was expecting a little more from both.

Firstly, Universal Studios only has 2 decent rides - The Revenge of the Mummy, a slow ghost train with animatronics, turning into a pitch black roller coaster, with operators that clap and whoop like demented sea-lions with the arrival and departure of every kart, and Jurassic Park, which is your typical log-flume style ride but with unfortunately only ONE proper drop. All the other rides are BOBBINS - inc the much celebrated Back To The Future which would be even an embarrassment to most UK theme parks. As for the shows - Terminator is fairly good, Shrek is a similar style but for kids. The best is by far Waterworld which has some awesome effects - including a full size plane being thrown over the set towards the audience. Whoops, I've just ruined it.

The second part is the famous (but predictable) studio tour.


Most of Universal's attractions are shows, so check the daily show schedule first. We saw Waterworlds last performance and it was a sell-out. Try to arrive at the theatre at least 15 mins before the show time listed in the handout.

Sit on the left (drivers side) of the tour bus for better views.

Do the lower lot first. Most people start at the Upper Lot and you can see them go "downstairs" massively in the afternoon. The lower lot typically opens an hour or so after the park, so use that first hour to visit the most popular of the upper attractions.

To avoid the crowds, try not to visit on weekends, school vacations, and Japanese holidays.

If you're willing to pay extra money to save the hassle of standing in line, the park offers a "Front of Line" pass, as well as VIP passes (private tours). You can also purchase and print your tickets online. Although the park wasn't that busy, we had the front of line passes and it meant we got on The Mummy about 12 times. Buy normal tickets on-line, and then if the park is busy, buy the FOL separately at their in-park ticket booth.




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