Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Take a stroll down Hollywood Blvd. - there's lots to see. First and foremost the STARS! The "Walk of Fame" goes along Hollywood Blvd. from La Brea all the way down to Gower, as well as along Vine Street down to Sunset. But don't forget to look up as well as you walk amongst the Stars - there are many sights to see: Galaxy Theater Complex, Chinese Theater, Kodak Theater shopping complex, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the El Capitan Theater, Max Factor museum (on Highland), Hollywood Wax Museum, Ridgley's Believe it or not, Guiness World of Records, Frederick's of Hollywood, the Pig-n-Whistle restaurant, the Egyptian Theater, mixed in between numerous little souvenier-shops, as well as tatoo-parlors, and punk-rock stores. Of course there are also many little eateries and bars, and a variety of street-performers. Plenty of stuff to fill an entire afternoon and evening.

Factoid: besides tourists, Hollywood Blvd. has also a tendency to attract riff-raff and low-lives. So hold on to your purses. We'd recommend you stay in the LaBrea/Highland area (around the Chinese theater) at evening and night time. Oh yeah - also be aware: you might get offered a "free stress test" - this is a service from the people of Scientology! (A religion founded by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.))




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