Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Getty Museum
Wow, this place really has something for just about everyone! I'm not always into traditional museums, they wear on me after a while; I think it's because I feel like I should like something that I really don't. That being said, the Getty was perfect! There was modern art, architectural displays, furniture, traditional oils and watercolors, and more! I do love Van Gogh and I was able to ponder his painting of the Iris'. One of my favorite exhibits was on post war Japan's modern art movement - Art, anit-art, non-art. There was even a phone that Yoko Ono supposedly calls in on occasionally :)

The gardens alone took a huge chunk of our time They were fun, interesting and the flowers were in full bloom. It seems they had just reopened after maintenance and renovation ... so the grass was nonexistent from a recent reseeding. The views of the city was wonderful despite the overcast day, and with the air pollution issues in LA, I suspect most days are a bit overcast. I'll build a TL of my garden pics later for you to enjoy.

Parking, even for a weekend was not too bad, and the tram from the parking area to the museum complex was a little bit fun. Though the parking fee was a bit shocking at $8 a car, I later discovered this is the only fee you pay to enter the museum, and since the fee is per car, this is an amazingly cheap day. Handicapped vehicles park for free BTW :) The complex is too huge to take in everything in just one day, so don't try. Do pick up a program from the tram station to help you prioritize your day.

Handicapped access was easy and smooth - but if you are NOT on wheels, you'll want to borrow one from the museum complex - distances are a bit difficult with assistive devices. And another thing that I just LOVE, being all fair skinned and all, is that they have umbrellas around the complex to borrow - for rain or much needed shade.

All in all, I do look forward to heading out there again for another day of fun, art, and to perhaps ponder yet another painting or two.

  • Directions: Exit the 405 onto Getty Center Drive. Follow the signs.




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