Bend in the River: 333 Wacker Drive

333 Wacker Drive
Between 1979-1983, the architectual firm of Kohn Pedersen Fox designed a 36-story skyscraper at 333 Wacker Drive where the Chicago River splits into its Northern and Southern Branches. To design a building on the restrictive site was quite a feat.

In my opinion, they did a magnificent job using blue-green curved glass that mimics the curve in the Chicago River at this point. I love the way other buildings reflect in the glass surface. Some people claim that when the sun sets, the building is bathed in a "fiery display". I've never been there at sunset, but I imagine it is quite a sight!

The other side of the building is what most people never see. Whereas the river side is "a sweeping arc of glass", the rear side of the building has to adhere to the city's street grid; thus, it uses a parallelogram that is notched to create more offices with corner windows.

The building's base is made of Vermont marble and granite and forms an elongated X across the front of the building.
The green glass curve seems to "hover" above the city. In all actuality, part of the building does overhang the sidewalk at two of the edges (at the point where 333 West Wacker's support columns are visible).

This building was in the Ferris Beuler's Day Off movie as Ferris' father's office. It will also be appearing in the newest Batman Movie.

This elegant building was voted Favorite Building by readers of the Chicago Tribune in 1995 & 1997.

333 West Wacker last sold for $100,000,000.00...even though I love it, I don't think I could afford it, huh?




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