Hundertwasser - The Man Who Built His Dreams

Other than wanting a say in the size of their loft extensions or shape and situation of their sun lounges most people will not profess to being interested in 'architecture' per se. However, a trip to this beautiful city is an truly uplifting experience for anyone who loves fine buildings. But should you find yourself suffering from an overkill of grandeur - and I can't say I do! - a stroll though central Vienna to Lowengasse should change all that! For in Hunderwasser Haus you have an extraordinary example of a dream made reality - for in 1985 (Friedensreich) Hundertwasser succeeded in making the surreal real, and managed to build what most people thought was impossible...a block of flats that people would fight to live in!

It's almost impossible to describe in words. Let's simply say that any lover of an abundance straight parallel lines probably ought to steer clear! One word of note - being a real, lived-in block a flats, it is a free show...and being stared at on a daily basis is the price the residents obviously (willingly?) have to pay. All the same, I think it's only fair to show a little bit of respect for the key holders whilst brandishing your camera in the search for that perfect photo opportunity.

The adjacent themed shopping arcade is depressingly touristy but you can get food, postcards if you need to etc. The most amusing thing within is the 'Toilet of Modern Art' (more of which later) Personally I'd enjoy the Hundertwasser building, peruse the toilet in the arcade basement (money needed) and then walk a few streets further to Unter Weissgerbestrasse where you'll find the official Hundertwasser museum - the Kunsthaus. It's 9 Eur for adults (half price Mondays at the moment), has an art exhibition, architecture exhibition and a superbly good cafe/restaurant (see restaurant review).

..and don't forget the Spittelau power plant!

  • Phone: +43 1- 712 04 91
  • Directions: Get off at Hetzgasse tram stop or Landstrasse underground station an walk.




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