Fisherman Bastion (Halaszbastya)

Fisherman Bastion
The Fishermen's Bastion was designed by Frigyes Schulek and was built in 1905. The "building" is made up of seven towers - each one symbolising the seven Magyar tribes that came to Hungary in 896.

The towers are a bit fairytale like, but still, they somehow fit together with the Mathias Church behind them.

The area directly behind the church housed a fish market during medieval times - the name of the Bastion comes from here. During the 18th century, the Guild of Fisherman are also said to have been defending this part of the Castle wall.

The Bastion offers great view of the Parliament and of the northern Pest side of the city.

I would recommend you to go from the Dunubeside part (bus No. 16 stops right under the Bastion as well, or you can just have a nice walk up through the old Buda streets) an catch the view getting better with each step! :)

  • Directions: It can be reached by the Castle bus (Varbusz) from Moszkva ter or with the bus No. 16 from Deak square. It's behind Mathias Church, near the Szentharomsag ter (Trinity square).




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