Charles Bridge: Make a wish on the FIVE STARS of Nepomuk

Charles Bridge Prague
It’s a "must" (thing to do) now whenever one walks along the Charles Bridge in Prague:

To make a wish at the St. John of Nepomuk Statue, the statue with the that gold metal plate whose carvings have been made shiny by the millions of tourists who have touched it.
But you have to touch it with your left hand!!! Then you make a wish (it supposedly gives you good luck and assures a return to the city of Prague). I heard about the LEFT HAND from Samantha Brown.

But there is a lesser more unknown place to make a wish near the statue --- it is a Five-star cross (also metal) a few feet away from the statue and not so many tourists go there.

You place your five fingers (left hand) on the five stars and then send a wish to someone – or just send it to yourself – as you look into the river. I heard that this spot where the five star is is exactly where St Jon was actually thrown off and died. Morbid...

John of Nepomuk was a priest in Prague under a suspicious King Wenceslas IV (son of Charles IV). He received the confessions of the Queen and the King wanted to know the Queen’s confessions which Nepomuk would not reveal. Priest Nepomuk was therefore executed by being thrown into the Vltava River from the bridge with “weights” (I read somewhere that something heavy was tied to him) which caused his drowning.




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