Bridges of Budapest (hidak)

Bridges of Budapest
The most famous of Budapest bridges is the Chain Bridge (Lanchid), the first permanent span across the Danube built in mid-19th Century. But this is not the only bridge in Budapest worth seeing.

Definitely don't miss the Liberty (Independence) Bridge (Szabadsag hid) - originally called Franz Joseph Bridge after the Habsburg Emperor. This bridge was opened in 1896 as part of the Millennium celebrations. The design is an elegant masterpiece of engineering and in my opinion this bridge leaves the Chain bridge in the shadow. Elegant ironwork and the inclusion of several Turul birds (a mystical symbol in Magyar history) perched atop the bridge's pillars enhance its attractiveness all the more.

Elizabeth Bridge (Erzsebet hid) was built in 1960s on the place of the original turn of the century bridge which was too badly damaged by the Germans in 1945 to be reconstructed in its original form. Only the old piers were used as bases for the two towers holding the suspension cables. Its modern looking span has become a great modern addition over Danube between the Chain bridge and the Liberty bridge.

Other bridges include Margaret Bridge (Margit hid) built between 1872 and 1876 by a firm of Paris based engineers, unusual for the fact it turns at an angle in the middle point where it touches Margaret Island.

Petofi Bridge (Petofi hid) and Arpad Bridge (Arpad híd) are relatively modern structures lacking bigger aesthetic qualities.




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